TBLC Lion President Jerome Teichmiller welcomed the members and guest speaker Betty Ezell, Eye Bank of Texas Representative to the 2015 Installation Banquet at Pecos Grilling Company. Pictured 2015-2016 Board Members left-right Treasure – Al Gerhardt, Vice President - Bob Ervin, Lion Tamer - John Seber, President - Jerome Teichmiller, Tail Twister - John Phillips, and Secretary - George Shackelford. Photo by Lion Al Gerhardt.


Guest Speaker Betty Ezell, Representative Lions Eye Bank of Texas, mentioned many of the ways that the Eye Bank helps people in Texas. The most interesting aspect of the Lion Eye Bank is the Cornea Replacement Program. People can donate their Cornea’s to help some person in need of a Cornea Eye Transplant. Addition information can be found at https://www.bcm.edu/healthcare/care-centers/eye/services/lions-eye-bank.