Lion President Ervin introduced our guest speaker Amanda J. Seymour who is an international speaker, author and music artist. Pictured from left to right are: Lion John Phillips, Lion Reyna-Sirias, speaker Amanda J. Seymour, and Lion Larry Grotts. Photo provided by Lion Mike Halbach.
Amanda advises and encourages leaders and non-profit administrators in their day to day work helping victims of abuse, trauma, and human trafficking. She received her Masters of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and holds a B.A. In International Studies and Spanish from Trinity University.
Ms. Seymour gave a very interesting talk on “Effective Leadership” and examples of some of the distractions and social evils and issues we as individuals need to address within our immediate communities and within our families (children, grandchildren, etc.). We need to be engaged with our family members and friends and “look in the face of danger” and not turn away. Do not dismiss what we see but confront the danger. She tailored her discussion with video slides of an African safari she participated in and showed how African lions protect their territory and young when confronted with danger. In summary, effective leadership most often occurs not in public but in private situations and involves being alert and aware, attentive, taking action when and where required, being loving and persevering.