Lion George Shackelford introduced guest speaker Billy Tidwell, the Chief of Police for the Tomball Police Department (TPD). Pictured left-right are Lion David McClinton, Lion George Shackelford, Tomball Police Chief Billy Tidwell and PDG Danny Zee. Photo provided by Lion Al Gerhardt.
Chief Tidwell gave a very interesting and informative presentation on some of the programs being implemented by the Department to enhance training and fitness of their officers. This includes emergency driving training for officers and a special fitness program involving rowing exercise equipment to simultaneously improve lower body, upper body and aerobic endurance. The Tomball Volunteer in Police Service (VIPS) program recruits residents who wish to volunteer their time to the Police Department to assist in non-confrontational duties including handicap parking patrol, Sky-Watch patrol, among other opportunities to complement the work of TPD. Potential volunteers can register at: Chief Tidwell also discussed the “Safe Exchange Zone” for citizens who wish to sell / purchase merchandise (Craig’s List, etc.) with marked and monitored parking spaces in the parking lot of the TPD.