TBLC Lion Vice-President Bob Ervin welcomed guest speaker Ms. Carol Brace to the 2nd Friday meeting at Pecos Grilling Company. Pictured left-right are Lion John Phillips, UHD Carol Brace, and Lion Danny Zee. Photo provided by Lion Al Gerhardt.
Carol Brace is a Lecturer / Business Development Specialist (College of Business) at the University Houston Downtown (UHD) Northwest Campus at Lone Star College – University Park located at Hwy 249 and Louetta Road. Ms. Brace described UHD’s unique graduate certificate program designed by top corporate executives with a curriculum that provides critical skills for business success and ultimately resulting in an MBA. The cost of this program at UHD is a fraction of a typical State university. An exceptional part of the learning process is the inclusion of an industry expert in every classroom along with the professor which provides students with unparalleled access to expertise in their business field. Ms. Brace promotes the program for potential student attendees and also to potential business professionals to act as an industry expert in the classrooms