Lion President Mike Halbach asked Lion Treasurer Al Gerhardt to start the presentation scheduled for today.  Lion Al introduced Lion Tim Cox of the  Conroe Noon Lions Club and Christy Lieder Co-Leader of the Salem Lutheran Church Mission Team.  Lions & guest pictured left-right: Lion President Mike Halbach, Lion Tim Cox of the  Conroe Noon Lions Club,  Christy Lieder Co-Leader of the Salem Lutheran Church Mission Team, Lion Treasurer Al Gerhardt and Lion Secretary Paul Hancock.
Lion Tim heads up the Conroe Eye Glass Facility.  Christy is on the Co-Leader Salem Lutheran Church Mission Team.  Lion Al became involved on the mission project as Christy needed recycled eye glasses for a mission trip. 
The three speakers discussed the process of eye glasses from donation to person receiving glasses on a mission trip. Lion Tim made his presentation on the eye glass facility with the following highlights:
  • History of the Eye Glass Recycling Center, starting in 2007
  • Lions Clubs in District 2-S2 collect used eye glasses and bring them to the monthly P&S meeting: Tiim usually has his truck loaded down from all the donated glasses.  He delivers these to the Conroe Eye Glass Recycling Center.
  • Eyeglasses are sorted then useable glasses go through a neutralizing process.
  • Glasses and cases are thoroughly cleaned and bagged.
  • Completed glasses are distributed worldwide as well as to the Texas Dept of Corrections, and Star of Hope Mission
  • This fiscal year (started July 1, 2019) the Center has processed and distributed close to 13,000 pair of glasses
  • Processed and recycled 449,029 finisted items sent out on missions since start of the program in 2007; this number is approximately 30% of all glasses, cases, and sunglasses donated and processed
Christy Lieder gave her presentation on mission trips:
  • Have optometrists usually accompanying them
  • Took 585 pair of recycled glasses from the Conroe Eye Glass Recycling Center on last trip
  • They have now placed an order with Lion Tim for 1500 pairs for the next mission trip.
  • She Recounted some memories from her recent mission trip to San Juan de Opoa, Copan Honduras.
Additional photos from the mission can be seen below: