Pictured Left to Right: Lion Bubba Hardee, Zackery Wallis, Marilyn Kinyo, Randal Seaton, Lion Bob Ervin and Lion Russell McKinney.
2023 Fund Allocation Presentation
The guest speakers were team members from the PTSD Foundation of America, specifically Camp Hope, including:
  • Marilyn Kinyo, Communications & Marketing Manager, PTSD Foundation of America 
  • Zackery Wallis, General Manager, PTSD Foundation of America, United States Marine Corps
  • Randall Seaton, Mentor, PTSD Foundation of America, United States Army
Randall and Zackery both went through the Camp Hope program and shared their stories about finding a new way of life at Camp Hope after suffering from combat-related trauma as well as providing insight regarding the operation of Camp Hope. 
  • Some points made by Randall, Zackery and Marilyn include:
    • Randall has an eight man team and one of their functions is to find veterans requiring the assistance of the Camp Hope programs
    • The program lasts about 6-9 months with the goal being the vet is capable of functioning in society. 
    • There is no cure for PTSD
    • The program is Christian based.
    • The facility houses up to 120 vets, and there are 5 charters under the Houston Camp Hope organization in the US.
    • Camp Hope is privately funded with no help from the government.  (Grants, organizations, private donations.  This allows Camp Hope to provide the care without government interference.  The per day cost is approximately $145 day, including lodging, food, clothing and any other costs associated with the operation of the facility
    • Camp Hope does not have their own fundraising events
    • Following the presentation there was a 25 minute Q & A session.