Lion Mike introduced our speaker, our own club member Lion Joe Sykora.  Lion Joe is the Fire Marshall of Tomball, Texas. Joe has served the Tomball community since 2008 where he has been a part-time firefighter, a Lieutenant, a Captain, and now the city’s Fire Marshall. Lions & guest pictured left-right, Tomball Fire Marshall & Lion Joe Sykora and Lion Past President Bubba Hardee.
Joe started his presentation on how our Lions Club donation of $1,000 was utilized by the Tomball Fire Department.  He spoke of their adoption of 27 needy families this year (as compared to 15 families when the program started in 2015), providing Christmas gifts to the children, and how this was an ongoing project that including a wrapping party and then distribution of the gifts.  Joe spoke of continual fundraising throughout the year to help these families when in need of financial assistance.
Joe then moved his presentation to how the Fire Department operates and his role as Fire Marshall.  Joe indicated there are currently two divisions: one for Fire Prevention; one for Operations.  His function is in Fire Prevention which includes rigid inspections of businesses as well as plans for new developments for commercial purposes—all targeted to prevention of fires.  Joe indicated there are 42 inspection items for businesses.  When asked about his role with Tomball events, such as Tomball Night and the German Festivals, he said his division does inspect the vendors especially those who are doing any type of cooking, space heaters, etc.