Posted by Tomball Lions Club on Jun 14, 2019
Lion President Bubba Hardee introduced guest speaker, Larissa Plunto, Regional Director for Congressman Michael McCaul. Pictured from left to right are Lion Directors Paul Hancock & Allen Eckhardt, Regional Director Larissa Plunto and President Bubba Hardee.
Ms. Plunto has responsibility over the eastern counties in the 10th District of Texas.  The 10th District stretches from the northwest Houston region (including Tomball) to Austin.  Ms. Plunto described principal legislative action Congressman McCaul is involved in as ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, being fully committed to protecting those in Texas, the nation and around the globe from the evil acts of human trafficking.  To that end, earlier this year he introduced HR836 “Interdiction for the Protection of Child Victims of Exploitation and Human Trafficking Act”.  Congressman McCaul founded the Childhood Cancer Caucus around 2008 to serve as a voice for childhood cancer advocates.  In mid-2018, and on a bi-partisan basis, the Childhood Cancer STAR Act was passed.  It addresses the four major concerns facing the pediatric cancer community:  Survivor ship, Treatment, Access and Research, and will elevate and prioritize the fight against childhood cancer at the National Institute of Health. 
Regarding the southern border, massive illegal crossings continue to over stress existing agencies, facilities and the legal community at and near the border.  Congressman McCaul recently co-sponsored HR3056 which, in part, would provide much needed humanitarian aid to assist in processing those seeking asylum.  Last month these border crossings were at over 144,000, a 600+% increase over the same month a year ago.  Unlike a few years ago when most of these crossings involved male individuals, there are now numerous family units that are being exploited by international smuggling organizations.  Congressman McCaul recognizes that there are ongoing Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts.  As a member of the Homeland Security Committee he is exploring ways that federal relief funds can be more quickly sent to areas that need these funds for recovery.