Tomball Lions presented the Texas Lion’s Camp Memory Bricks to many of the families
of Tomball Lions Club. Photos are attached of those listed as presentations.
The Tomball Lions Club purchases an Endowment Memory brick in memory of a fallen
Tomball Lions Club or family member of a Lion to the Texas Lions Camp located in
Kerrville, Texas. The Memory Brick will be placed in the camp amphitheater where all
events are held. In addition, the Tomball Lions Club provides a half-size memory brick to
the families to have in their home to remember their family members. The brick shows “In
Loving Memory of the Lion or family member”.
06/24/14 Lion Ron Chene
01/13/17 Lion Neal McDonald
12/07/17 PDG Danny Zitterich Presentation – L-R Vera Zitterich – Lion Al Gerhardt
06/21/18 Lion Terry Kitchen Presentation – L-R Lion Al Gerhardt – Keith Kitchen
07/10/18 Lion David Paulson
08/07/18 Lion Joan Phillips Grotts
06/14/19 Lion Dale McCarty – Presentation – L-R Carla McCarty – Lion Al Gerhardt
11/15/19 Lion Robert Bruce Smith
10/09/20 Joe Sykora Sr. Father of Lion Joe Sykora Jr. – Presentation –
L-R Lion Paul Hancock, Lion Joe Sykora Jr. and Lion Bubba Hardee
Anyone can provide Texas Lions Camp Memory Bricks in memory of family members or
Contact Texas Lions Camp 830-896-8500,,
Tomball Lions Club 713-410-6542,,