On May 3, 2014 the Lions Club 96th District 2S2 Convention was held at the Greens Point Hilton in Houston, Texas. Several members of the TBLC attended the Dist. 2S2 Convention as delegates. Pictured left to right are: Danny Zee, Noah Speer, Ron Chene, Eddie Risha, and Chris Moorman. Al Gerhardt took the photo. 
The Tomball Lions Club delegates who attended the Texas Lions 2S2 District Convention held at the Greens Point Hilton were L-R TBLC President Daniel (Zee) Zitterich, 2nd Vice District Governor(VDG) Noah Speer, TBLC Texas Lion Camp Director Ron Chene, District 2S2 Governor Eddie Risha (outgoing), new incoming District 2S2 Governor Jason "Chris" Moorman and TBLC Treasurer Al Gerhardt (taking photo).
The convention brings together delegates from all of the Lions Clubs in District 2S2.  The purpose of the convention is to elect the Governors and the Directors of the District for the new years.  It is hosted by the Past District Governors (PDG) Association. The District Governor elect Jason "Chris" Moorman will be sworn into office at the Lions International Convention in Toronto, Canada by the President of Lions Club International on July 4th-8th.
The Tomball Lions club nominated Jerome Teichmiller as a candidate for the PDG Annual Distinguished Achievement Award.  He has been a Lion with the club for 40+ years.  He has served in many capacities and will become the TBLC incoming President for the 2014-2015 fiscal year.
The Past District Governors presented the Annual Distinguished Achievement Awards to the five Honorees for 2014.  The Honorees are Wes Carr from the Conroe Noon club, Morris Dante from the Bellaire club, Steve Hand from the Houston Sports club, Jason "Chris" Moorman from the Liberty club and Arlita Pang from the Houston Millennium club.
Mike Butler, the District 2-A2 Past International Director is a candidate for the 2nd Vice President of the Lions Club International (LCI).  The Past District Governor Sam Lindsey suggested that the delegates of our district attend the meeting and vote for Mike Butler as the 2nd Vice President of LCI.