TBLC Lion Mike Halbach introduced guest speakers Darleane Warren, Community Relations Coordinator, for the Lions Eye Bank of Texas at Baylor College of Medicine. Pictured left-right are Lion Mike Halbach, Speakers Relations Coordinator Darleane Warren, and Lion Terry Kitchens. Photo provided by Lion Al Gerhardt.
Ms. Warren is the liaison between Lions Clubs of the Gulf Coast and Baylor College of Medicine. She gave a history of the partnership between the Lions and Baylor College of Medicine that began in 1953 and continues robustly today. Lions Eye Bank of Texas’ service area is Lions’ Districts 2-S1, 2- S2, 2-S4 and 2-A3, extending along the Gulf Coast from Northeast Texas (Carthage area) to the Brownsville area in the South. She explained that eye corneas are recovered in this entire area from donors and then brought back to Baylor College of Medicine for transplant or medical research. The Lions are an education arm for the Eye Bank at Baylor. The Lions Clubs of the Gulf Coast have various events during the year to raise awareness and funds for the Eye Bank. These include White Cane Day, Bowl-a-thons and Golf Tournaments. The funds raised from these events go toward professional and public education pertaining to the Eye Bank. Ms. Warren explained details of the donor / recipient process.