The TBLC Members Larry Grotts and Danny Zitterich helped welcomed guests David Paulson and Debbie Gray. Treasurer Al Gerhardt invited both David Paulson Debbie Gray to the TBLC 4th Friday meeting at Pecos Grill. Pictured left-right. Larry Grotts, David Paulson, Debbie Gray, and Danny Zitterich. Club photographer Al Gerhardt provided the Web Site photo.


David Paulson indicated that he would like to transfer his Lion membership from The Woodlands Lions Club to the Tomball Lions Club. Debbie Gray expressed her wishes to become a member of the Tomball Lions Club as soon as possible. Mary Pat Trenkle will provided her with Membership forms to join the club after our September 2014 4th Friday meeting. We look forward to her becoming a new member and accepting the transfer of David Paulson to the Tomball Lions Club.

The Tomball Lions Club meets at noon at the restaurant on Highway 249 twice monthly. The club promotes pairing glasses with those who need help with their vision and sponsoring the participation of young physically-challenged campers for a week at the Lions' camp in Kerrville. Call 713-410-6542 or access for further information about membership in the Lions Club.