Posted by Al Gerhardt on Jul 24, 2017
Lion President Hardee introduced guest speaker Richard Binkley and his wife Barbara from Katy, TX.  Pictured left to right are: Lion Past President Bob Ervin, Guest Speaker Wife Barbara Binkley, Guest Speaker Richard Binkley, and Lion Tamer John Seber. Lion Secretary Mike Halbach provided the Web Site with the photo.
Mr. Binkley contacted the polio virus in 1951 at the age of 6 and attended one of the first Texas Lions Camp sessions in 1953 as well as camps in the following two years. He gave a very interesting and entertaining presentation on his early treatment history and options and, after appearing on a local TV show, was asked to attend the Lions Camp for Crippled Children (as it was then named). Among the memories he shared were his trip to Camp in an airconditioned Cadillac, the mementoes that the Lions bought for the campers, the beauty of the “hill”, learning to float and tread water and acting as a guide for a blind youngster during one of the camps. He feels that learning to get out of his braces and float in the pool may have saved his life in later years of his youth when he fell into the water off a dock while fishing.