From May 30, 2022 to June 11, 2022, the Mission Team from Salem Lutheran Church took thousands of eyeglasses donated by the Tomball Lions Club to Kenya Africa. Pictured above is the Salem Mission Team led by Kevin Pieper (on one knee wearing a white shirt on the far left side of the photo).
Salem Mission Trip to Kenya May 30-June 11 2022
The Mission team from Salem Lutheran Church just completed another Kenya mission trip with this wonderful team. We split into two sub-teams: the malaria team distributed 800 bed nets during house to house visits and shared the gospel in each home; the vision team held an "eye camp" that treated 1800 people for glasses and eye issues. The Tomball Lions Club partnered with us to provide thousands of these eyeglasses. Special cases we funded included a baby with hydrocephalus and an 11 year-old boy with a racquetball-sized cyst under his left eye. These people will now get the medical attention in a local hospital that they had no hope of paying for on their own. It's a privilege to do this work, especially among the Kenyan people, who are the most graceful/joy-filled/personable people I've ever met. If you ever go there, I promise they will steal your heart. Oh, and by the way, 270 people want to know more about Jesus and their local church!
Thank you to the Tomball Lions Club for your support in helping us to meet the eyeglass needs for the people of Kenya. Our team treated 1860 people in four days of clinic operation…. funded cataract surgeries (at the rate of $400 per eye!)… and dealt with three special cases, each requiring a surgery that the parents had no ability to pay. Your generosity allows our dollar to stretch farther and help people like this. Imagine being a parent of a child who needed surgery and walking to the visiting eye clinic solely out of hope that there might be a sympathetic ear to whom to present your case. That’s what these parents did, and because you help us save money on glasses, we in turn can help parents like these. God bless you, Lions Club!
Kevin Pieper.
Other photos taken on the trip can be seen below: