Pictured from left to right are Past President Mike Halbach, Directors Erin & Sheri Percell “Shared Loads” and Tomball Lion President Joe Sykora Jr 
The ability to put on a clean shirt is a simple pleasure that for some is a luxury just beyond their reach. This is where Erin and Cheri Purcell of Shared Loads have put their faith into action. 
Erin and Sheri Percell moved to Tomball in 2015 when Erin’s job with ExxonMobil transferred him to Houston from Baton Rouge. They incorporated Shared Loads in 2018 as a way to put their faith into action by assisting the needy in the local area, as well as encouraging their friends to become personally involved in benevolent work.  Erin and Sheri found that for many who are on fixed incomes stretched thin or find themselves homeless, simply having a clean set of clothes to wear changes not only how they feel about themselves, but how others look at them, as well. 
For the last three years, Shared Loads has partnered with A-1 Laundromat here in Tomball to host their once a month Shared loads event.  Shared Loades provides up to three free loads of laundry per household, as well as snacks and an ear for those who just need to talk.  Their budget is limited and the need is great.  So, if you are interested in donating or volunteering you can reach out to them on their Facebook page by clicking HERE.