Here is the Tomball Lions Club working hand and hand with T.E.A.M. in Tomball helping the families in need in the Tomball Community. For more information, see the TEAM web site at
Letter from T.E.A.M. (Tomball Emergency Assistance Ministry) to the Tomball Lions Club:
To the Tomball Lions Club who are now donating to TEAM to assist clients and have delivered multiple checks in July 2016: Here is Eva Gerhardt, on behalf of the Lions, presenting a check to TEAM Board President Debby Miles:
  • To the National Charity League Chapters: The wonderful and amazing National Charity League Chapters have done so much for us this summer! Daughters and Moms from different chapters have volunteered in the Resale Shop or ministry area almost every day we've been open throughout the summer. They have made a huge difference; many thanks!
  • To Architect Mark Carter: He spent a whole morning with us redesigning the Resale Shop's donation intake area, sorting areas, and inventory storage areas. What a difference these changes will make in our ability to sort items as they arrive and get them quickly onto the floor for sale.
  • To Chris Draper, Chris Dream, Brian Nelson, and Mike Pitzer: TEAM's assistance ministry area now has computers for all case-workers and the receptionists!! Huge thanks for this major progress go to: Chris Draper, Tomball Allstate Agent, who donated the computers, to Chris Green who refurbished them and installed updated software, plus he acquired quite a bit of related equipment. Then Chris Green and Brian Nelson installed the computers and WIFI extenders. And thanks to Mike Pitzer, the TEAM volunteer Application Administrator, who setup TEAM email addresses and is developing information, training, and assistance to the case workers and receptionists as they get acquainted with them. They will be helpful immediately and essential when a new custom software system for TEAM is implemented in early 2017.
  • To Phil Sandoz: Phil has provided help to TEAM's Resale Shop's manager removing the ramp and railing in the TEAM kitchen.
  • TEAM selected top consignment store in Tomball: The August addition of Living Magazine is out and in it are their Reader's Choice Winners, "Living Best of Tomball, 2016 (pages 18 & 19); TEAM's Resale Shop was chosen as Tomball's best consignment shop! Thank you. Living Magazine's readers! Come in and see the improvements from all the work on the shop's floors and shop for excellent bargains! And remember, the proceeds from all sales at the Resale Shop go directly to the ministry assistance areas to support client needs.