Lion President Ervin introduced Lion Dale McCarty representing Tomball Emergency Assistance Ministries (TEAM). Pictured from left-right are Lion John Seber, Lion Vice President Bubba Hardee, Lion Dale McCarty (TEAM Speaker) and Lion President Bob Ervin. Photo provided by Lion Al Gerhardt.
Lion Dale (TEAM Rep.) gave a presentation on the current status of TEAM’s efforts to help and serve the needy in the Tomball and surrounding regions. TEAM is experiencing very dynamic growth with a 26.8% increase in the number of families helped in 2016 vs. 2015. In 2016 a total of 15,487 individuals in 3,781 families were given assistance. That assistance includes rent, utilities, medical, vision, food and clothing. TEAM has a resale shop with furniture and clothing items for sale to the general public with the income going to support their Food Pantry. TEAM was created in 1985 by 13 area churches and currently has 16 church members plus various supporting community organizations (including Tomball Lions Club) and corporate sponsors. In late 2015 a special TEAM “vision” meeting developed a plan for the Tomball Benevolent Network program to better coordinate TEAM’s outreach with its church members and supporting organizations and to better facilitate needs that the members cannot efficiently support.