Posted by Al Gerhardt on Jan 28, 2018
Lion President Bubba Hardee introduced guest speaker Karen Guiles, Tomball Benevolent Network (TBN) Community Liaison with the Tomball Emergency Assistance Ministries (TEAM).  Lion & guests pictured left-right, Lion Tail Twister John Seber, Lion Director Karen Halbach, Speaker TBN Karen Guiles, Lion Membership Chairman Dale McCarty and Lion Secretary Mike Halbach. Photo provided by Lion Al Gerhardt.
TEAM returns 93-95% of donated funds directly to needy people within the Tomball community.  TEAM has just 5 paid full / part-time employees and many volunteers who help out in the ministry, food pantry and resale areas of its facilities at 300 W. Main Street in Tomball.  The Tomball Benevolent Network (TBN) was established to address the unmet needs (physical, emotional, and/or spiritual) within our community.  All clients are thoroughly vetted by TEAM counselors who deal with simple needs (food, medical, rent assistance, etc.) as well as complex needs (homelessness, transportation, language barriers, auto repairs, etc.).  TEAM needs businesses and medical people to help donate their services occasionally to meet these needs.  Mrs. Guiles connects service providers with TEAM to assist client’s needs.  TBN has established a partnership with Lone Star College – Tomball to connect clients to Lone Star College’s programs and classes and to help facilitate that connection.  In 2017 TEAM provided $271,092 in assistance to individuals.  TEAM needs more volunteers and financial support to meet the growing needs within our community. 
Lion Al Gerhardt summarized how the Tomball Lions work with TEAM to provide day-to-day financial assistance for individuals and to help vet clients when necessary.  Lion John Seber has been involved in this vetting process for a number of years and, more recently, assisted by Lion Dale McCarty.  Lion Gerhardt also mentioned that the Tomball Lions Club gave Hurricane Harvey assistance to TEAM, various individuals and groups in the total amount of $17,200.  This amount was from our Joe Mahan Emergency Assistance Fund, District, LCIF, other Clubs and individuals.