The Tomball Lions Club presented the supplies obtained from the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) Grant to Tomagwa (Tomball, Magnolia & Waller). The supplies included 121 KN95 Masks, 3 Boxes of Latex Power Free Gloves and 10 Cloth Masks. The Tomagwa staff received the approximately 3 weeks of very badly needed supplies. They would like to thank LCIF for the supplies and appreciate Multi-District 2-S2 and the Tomball Lions Club for the coordination in getting these supplies to them. Pictured L – R:  Lion Mike Halbach, Tomagwa Staff, Middle Lion Al Gerhardt, Tomagwa Plant Operations Manager Kent Womack and Lion Paul Hancock.
Timika Simmons, CEO submitted a request for funding of necessary medical supplies (gloves, masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, exam table paper, etc.) during this pandemic. The pandemic has created increased costs for necessary supplies.  In late April the Tomball Lions Club applied for a Covid-19 grant from the Lions Club International Foundation through Multi-District 2-S2.  The grant was approved to purchase additional medical supplies for TOMAGWA. Pictured below is the logo for the Lions Club International Foundation.
Tomball Lions Club Treasurer Al Gerhardt is shown below signing for all the supplies that were planned to be given to TOMAGWA.
The Tomball Lions Club Treasurer was very happy to receive Medical Supplies (KN95 & Cloth Masks and Gloves) from Lions Club International Foundation. Muti-District 2-S2 Medical Supplies Task Force was responsible for the distribution to the clubs in the District. Magnolia Lions Club President Bob “Hollywood” Martin & 1st Vice District Governor Lisa Free Martin presented the supplies to Tomball Lions Club Treasurer Al Gerhardt. Pictured below L – R:  Magnolia President Bob “Hollywood” Martin and Tomball Lions Club Treasurer Al Gerhardt.