Pictured: Alejandra Ramos, Executive Project Specialist
Gabriela Rodarte, Patient Access Specialist
Alexis Kulik, Director of Public Affairs and Communications
Katina Mein, Director of Development
Lion Al Gerhardt (Fundraising Wizard)
Jasmine Bacelis, Patient Access Specialist
Deanna Lowenstein, Patient Access Manager
Julianna Marsh, Case Manager
With the temperature starting to rise as we move closer to summer it can be easy to forget the sight of snow blanketed Texas. For many of our friends and neighbors, the damaging impact of the February freeze still lingers. Among those impacted was Tomagwa HealthCare Ministries, who lost more than $25,000 worth of insulin. The Tomball Lions Club was proud to continue our long history of support with the presentation of a check for $2,000 to help with replacing the lost medication. If you would like to help Tomagwa in its mission to provide quality health care to some of the most vulnerable and underserved in our community click the link below to visit their website,