Posted by Al Gerhardt on Oct 30, 2017
Lion Al Gerhardt introduced guest speaker Brett Kinman, Interim CEO and Chief Operating Officer of Tomball Regional Medical Center (TRMC) and Tomball Lions Club member. Lion & guests pictured from left to right are:  Lion Secretary Mike Halbach, Lion & CEO Brett Kinman, and Lion George Shackelford. Photo provided by Lion Al Gerhardt.
Brett Kinman was accompanied by Sylvia Saumell, Marketing Manager at TRMC.  TRMC was acquired by Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) on July 1 of this year from previous owner, Community Health Systems. TRMC is part of HCA Gulf Coast Division which includes 18 hospitals in the Houston region and is the largest healthcare provider in the region.  A short video was shown of Troy Villarreal, President of HCA Gulf Coast Division, showing how intimately involved their members were in Hurricane Harvey assistance to the community and commending members for their dedication and service during and following this event. (See video link in body of e-mail.)  HCA, headquartered in Nashville, TN has a total of 174 hospitals and 119 free standing surgery centers in the United States and United Kingdom.  It provided significant resources to their Gulf Coast Division for Harvey related assistance including helicopters, rescue vehicles, etc.  TRMC had additional support nurses come in from other HCA facilities in a number of outlying States.  During Harvey emergency days, TRMC was locked down from Friday, August 25th to the following Wednesday with all staff members remaining at the hospital to provide uninterrupted assistance to the community and patient’s needs.  During this time TRMC truly exemplified HCA Gulf Coast’s mission statement:  “Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.”  Mr. Kinman described how TRMC has gone from a cost savings/cost reduction mode under previous ownership to a capital improvement mode as HCA has committed a $20M infusion for improvements at the facility including new equipment, maintenance, etc. $10M of that amount has already been assigned. The hospital is now driven by quality and patient satisfaction metrics and providing a “best of class” experience.